Radiation Solutions

RS-230 BGO Super-SPEC

Handheld Radiation Detector
Providing Search, Assay and Scan Modes of Operation

Performance of a Portable Unit in a Handheld!

The new RS-230 Spectrometer is the state-of-the art in portable hand-held radiation survey search devices for the geophysical industry.  It offers an integrated design with a large detector, direct Assay readout, data storage, full weather protection, ease of use and highest sensitivity in the market.   The use of a BGO give very significant increase in performance over the normal NaI detector (typically 3x).

Bismuth Germanate (BGO)

The performance of the 6.3 in3 (103 cm3 )  higher density Bismuth Germanate (BGO) is approximately  80% of a 21 in3  ( 390 cm3 ) Sodium Iodide (NaI) commonly used with larger portable units and approximately 50% more than the same size NaI crystal.


Total count display on front panel in cps at 1/sec update rate.  Loud linear audio permitting eyes-free operation.  USB earphone support for noisy area surveying.

Scan mode

Variable rate SCAN mode stores data in memory or outputs via Bluetooth to an external storage device.  External GPS is integrated into the data stream via Bluetooth connection to give location data.

Assay Mode

The assay mode provides sample concentration analysis with direct data display  of K (%), U and Th (ppm) as shown below.  User selectable sample time for optimum analysis.

RS-Analyst Software

The RS-230 is provided with utility software to download the data that is stored in memory. All data in memory is output via Bluetooth or USB to the RS-Analyst program on a PC.  This may take the form of 1024 channel spectra, assay data or Scan data + GPS.  The program also gives graphical and numeric views of the data.  The data can also be re-exported as a text file for further processing.

Unique features:

  • Large 2.0 x 2.0 BGO crystal, 6.3 in3  (103 cm3 )
  • High sensitivity (performance similar to a 3x3" 21 cu ins NaI detector)
  • Single button operation
  • SURVEY mode gives search capability with numeric display and audio
  • ASSAY mode gives direct results in %K and ppm U and Th
  • SCAN mode permits profiling with data scan to memory with GPS integration
  • Fast AUDIO response, making source location easier and eyes free
  • 5-digit LCD display with max 65000cps with no scaling
  • Bluetooth and USB data connections
  • External GPS integrated into data stream via GPS
  • USB earphone audio support for noisy area surveying
  • Lightweight 4.4 lb (2 kg) including batteries
  • Rubberized case for easy grip even in wet conditions
  • Rugged carrying handle
  • Special ruggedized design to withstand typical field usage, full IP67 weatherproofing for short term water immersion and fully dust protected
  • Low power (4 x AA Batteries) typical 8-12 hour battery life at 200 C
  • Tough carrying/storage case