Radiation Solutions

RS-50 Lab

Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Introducing fast, reliable steel and dust sample analysis
The RS-50 Lab system has been specifically designed to measure and quantify the presence of radiation in metal samples, metal by-products and many other materials. The RS-50 is floor standing and is easy to use, incorporating new, state-of-the-art evaluation techniques that give complete accurate sample analysis done to 0.02 Bq/g in less than 5 minutes.

Unique Features

  • Sensitivity accurately measured down to 0.02 Bq/g
  • Analyzer full 1024 channel MCA
  • Sample time - full analysis is 5 minutes
  • Easy to use, operator friendly
    - operation sample loading very easy for the user
    - optimized displays / commands for easy PC interface
  • PC software "LabCenter" automates analysis
  • High reliability and performance
    - 3rd generation of proven design
  • Quick calibration, optimized calibration routines
  • All data stored in a SQL data base for easy user integration
  • Network ready
    - easy linkage to tie system into users network
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