About Us

Radiation Solutions Inc. (RSI) is a Canadian company located in Mississauga, ON. RSI specializes in nuclear instrumentation for the detection, measurement and analysis of low-level ionizing radiation from both naturally occurring and man-made sources.

RSI’s cutting edge radiation detection technology incorporates a fully digital system design, spectral analysis and advanced data processing. RSI’s research and development team offers unprecedented expertise in the industry, with over 200 years of accumulated direct experience and extensive successful product field implementation. At RSI it is our corporate goal to always provide the highest possible quality of product, support and service.

RSI’s focus is to design and manufacture state-of-the art radiation detection systems using FPGA and DSP processing techniques. This technology provides a level of radiation detection previously only attainable in laboratory equipment.


Dr. Jens Hovgaard originally founded Radiation Solutions Inc. in 1999. Upon inception, RSI’s primary function was to act as a consulting company to the nuclear industry. While working with his customers and their supplied radiation detection systems, Dr. Hovgaard soon identified there was a need for a new supplier of these types of systems, as many systems on the market did not actually deliver the capabilities they promised.

As a result of his observation, in early 2006, accompanied by an acknowledged nucleus of specialists, RSI began to design and manufacture a “new generation” of radiation detection systems. The ownership, engineering and marketing team have a vast amount of experience not only in the design of field-use radiation detection systems but also in their applications.

Today RSI is a prime manufacturer and supplier of high-performance radiation detection systems for airborne, mobile, marine and all-terrain platforms. RSI equipment is currently in use in many countries establishing possible contamination and it played a major role in measuring and evaluating radiation hazard issues from the Fukushima Reactor accident.

RSI is also a significant supplier of radiation portal monitoring technology and perimeter monitoring systems as well as spectroscopic handheld units for both the geophysical exploration (Assay Mode) and the security / environmental (RIID) markets. RSI has worldwide installed hundreds of Radiation Portal Monitors in the industrial environment of steel mills and in the recycling industry.

RSI Corporate Goal

It is RSI’s philosophy is to work as closely as possible with customers in all aspects of the product life cycle including; product requirement, application, training, support and product enhancement. It is this philosophy that enables RSI to supply industry leading software techniques and hardware components that not only meet as well, exceed the customer’s requirements.